Common Effluent Treatment Plant

  1. Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant

    Common Effluent Treatment Plant is required for treating waste water and effluent produced from industrial processing and households before being discharged into the environment. It is installed in all large industries for preventing any harmful chemical, microorganism, or other substance entering in nature by their waste disposal. This plant works on the combination of several measures including pre-chlorination, aeration, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection for killing pathogens including bacteria and viruses.
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  2. CEPT Plant

    CEPT Plant is process of wastewater treatment in which small amount of chemicals are added to the processing water which increases the efficiency of sedimentation process. Due to these cationic and anionic polymers, suspended particles clump together through coagulation & flocculation for their easy removal. This Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment of effluent aid in fast settling of harmful solids and removal of carbon and other heavy metals for its safe discharge.
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